Rules & Regulations

Why the Table Hockey League of Hershey                                       

In the summer of 2010 the THLH was formed by Adam and Joe, two former members of the CPTHL.  Adam was also the founder of the New Jersey based American Continental Table Hockey League. 

During the summer of 2010 the split with the CPTHL occurred as a result of an ongoing disagreement with the league organizers regarding game scheduling, playoff formatting, and the fact that members no longer had a voice in the way the league was to be run. 

We wish the organizers and members of the CPTHL all the best.  We consider them our friends and cherish the memories that were created over that last few seasons in their league. 

Code of Conduct                                                                                    

1. All League Members are expected to conduct themselves in a Gentlemanly manner during Regular and Post Season play.  Respect shall be given to ALL League Members, The Venue, and The Games.

2. Abuse of the Games is strictly prohibited.  In some cases they are antiques and their owners at great expense have refurbished them.  Be respectful at all times.

3. The League Founders reserve the right to suspend or expel any member for breaking the Code of Conduct.

Rules of Play                                                                                           

The Table Hockey League of Hershey is a Bring Your Own Game table hockey league.  Your own game is not necessary but it is to your advantage to have one.  It becomes your "Home Ice Advantage" We play classic Coleco, Munro, Eagle, Benej, etc... Table hockey games with flat plastic or metal players only.  No Stiga is allowed. 

1. All Regular Season Games will be 5 minutes in length.  A 2 minute overtime will follow if necessary.

        2 points will be awarded for a Regulation Time Victory

        0 points will be awarded for a Regulation Time Lose

        1 point will be awarded for a Regulation Time Tie

        An additional point will be awarded for an Overtime Victory

2. Face-offs at the Beginning of the Game, Overtime, and after Scored Goals will be at the Center Ice dot.  All other face-offs will be at the dot nearest to the exit point of the puck from the ice surface.

3.  Clock shall be stopped after all scored goals, freezes (see Rule of Play #5), and when the puck exits the ice surface.  The VISITING team is responsible for the operation of the clock.

4. If there is no referee face-offs shall proceed as follows:  Puck is placed at the appropriate dot, HOME team says "ready", VISITING team says "ready", HOME team says "Go"

5. Freezing the puck can only occur when 1) Puck is behind the goalie but not a goal. 2) Puck is pinched between goal post and goalie, freeze must be called by the affected team otherwise play continues.  Freeze can be called during these occurrences only.  Faceoff ensues at the dot nearest the freeze of the puck.

6. Faceoff Goals do not count unless match is being refereed.

7. Rules and Regulations can be revised after a season concludes and prior to the start of the next season.  Any league member can formally make a proposal to revise a rule.  This proposal must be submitted via email or in writing to Adam, or Joe,  A league wide vote shall be held.  All ties in voting result in the challenged rule remaining as originally written at the time of the proposal.

8. If a player comes off its post play shall continue until the affected team gains control of the puck.  Time is stopped and the player is returned to its proper post.  Puck is awarded to the unaffected player’s winger of choice and clock is restarted.

9. If a goaltender comes off its post-game play is stopped immediately.  Goaltender is returned to its post.  Puck is awarded to the unaffected player’s winger of choice and clock is restarted.

9. Regular Seasons shall be 72 Games in length with a 12 game per Regular Season Date Schedule.

10. Playoff Tie Breakers.  Wins, Head to Head, Goal Differential, Goals Against Average, Goals For Average, Coin Toss.

11. Ins and outs do not count unless match is being overseen by a referee or video review is called.

12.  During match play when a puck behind the net is determined to be unplayable the referee will stop the game clock and call for a face off at one of the two face off circles in the zone where the puck was determined to be unplayable.  A face off will occur, the referee will drop the puck and the game clock restarted.  (6/2014)

13. No Pico shots, shots off the nets, shots off your ass etc... Are permitted.  In other words no bullshit.

14. No rules guiding the Table Hockey League of Hershey are the result of pulling anything from a hat, including Rabbits.

15.  The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!!!

Playoff Format                                                                                        

1. In order to qualify for the THLH CUP Playoffs a member must participate in a minimum of 4 Regular Season Sessions.  (Adopted August 2012),  (Adopted August 2015)  Teams that participate in 4 Regular Season dates will be seeded by points.  In the event of a tie the team with the most wins gets the higher seed.  In the event that the teams are still tied the higher seed will be determined by number of appearances.

2.  At the end of the Regular Season the all Teams will be seeded according to the number of points accumulated during the Regular Season.

3. Depending on the number of teams participating in the Regular Season byes will be determined for the Post Season.

4.  Playoff pairings will be determined as follows:  For example in a 7 team league, Playoff First Round the #1 seed will receive a bye, #2 will play #7, #3 will play #6, and #4 will play #5, with the higher seed receiving home ice advantage.  Second Round, teams are reseeded. Assuming that all of the higher seeds advance the #1 seed will play the lowest remaining seed #4, and #2 will play #3.  Championship Round #1 seed will play the #2 seed for the THLH CUP.

5. All Playoff Rounds will be best of 7.

6. If the score at the end of regulation time is tied.  Sudden Death Overtime ensues in 5 minute intervals until a winner is determined.

7.  All playoff games shall have a referee.

8.  No rules guiding the Playoff Format for the Table Hockey League of Hershey are the result of pulling anything from a hat, including Rabbits.

Video Rules & Review  

1. There will be no limit on the number of video reviews per regulation or overtime period.  The THLH will be diligent in achieving the proper result based on the skill of the player.  If a goal is disputed by either player or referee a video review ensues.

2.  A disputed goal shall be reviewed immediately.  The time clock will be halted and the parties involved will review the disputed goal and determine that it is a goal or not.  If it is a good goal it shall be logged on the score sheet with time and play restarted with a center ice faceoff.  If the goal is determined to be a no goal then play and time shall be restarted at the spot where time and play was stopped.  No face off is necessary.

3. Please note if there is a goal disputed please resolve it immediately.  If play proceeds more than 10 seconds after the goal in dispute or a goal is scored prior to the review of the disputed goal, the right to review the disputed goal is waived, and there shall be no video review of the disputed goal.  Play shall continue as normal.

 THLH Rule Changing Process                                                          

Revisions to the THLH Rules and Regulations

1.  Changes to the Rules and Regulations of the Table Hockey League of Hershey shall only occur in the off season from the period one month after the conclusion of the playoffs until one month prior to the start of the next Regular Season.

2.  Any player who has qualified to participate to compete for the THLH Cup the previous year can propose a change in the Rules and Regulations of the Table Hockey League of Hershey.

3. A player proposing a change to the Rules and Regulations of the Table Hockey League of Hershey must submit in writing via email the proposed change to both league founders Adam Zawislak and Joe Gurney.

4.  The league founders will review the proposal and contact the league member making the proposed rule change within 7 days to verify the intent and purpose of the proposal.

5.  The league founders will submit via email the proposed rule change to all league members within 7 days of receiving the request.

6.  The league members will have 14 days to review the proposed rule change and forward via email a yea or nay vote to the league founders.

7.  Any votes received after the 14 day review will be disregarded.

8.  Majority vote rules and all ties will result in the rejection of the proposed rule change.

9.  If the proposed rule change passes the Rules and Regulations on the THLH Web page will be revised and the new rule will be implemented during the following season.

The following characteristics of the Table Hockey League of Hershey make it special and unique and cannot be changed.

1.  The THLH will always be a flat plastic or metal player ONLY league, Stiga will never be allowed. For those of you who don't understand that also includes any game of in the style of a Stiga left handed or goal tender control on the side of the game.  No three dimensional players, yellow stick etc....  If you don't understand ask AdamZ or JoeG.  And if you are wondering why we don't allow these game well that's easy, because it’s our league and our vision.

2.  The THLH will remain a Bring Your Own Game League.

3.  Video Recording and Review will always be part of the THLH.

4.  The Playoff Format will remain as the founders planned.

5.  Five (5) minute games will always be a part of the THLH and can never be altered. ype your paragraph here.