Table Hockey League Of Hershey

Season X Final Regular Season Session began with 5 THLH Members in attendance.  The Inquisition, Stingers, Phoenix Rising, Ottoman Empire, and the Lancaster Longshots battled it out hoping to move up in the regular season standings.  The winner of the day was the Hummelstown Stingers putting up a days best 19 points to move into sole possession of second place.  The Stingers overtook the Sasquatch who were absent on the day resting up for the playoffs in FLA.  The Inquisition put up 17 points on the day to secure the THLH Regular Season Title and 1st overall seed.  The biggest suprise of the day was the play of the Lancaster Longshots.  The Longshots are one of the THLH rookie members and they posted their best day ever in their short career with a 5-5-2-0, 12-point day taking over 5th place.  The Longshots also put up 4 shutouts on the day.  That Longshots vs Phoenix Rising first round match up may be an interesting one. 

The other rookie team Ottoman Empire has been very stingy with giving up goals over the last few months.  Once their offense develops, they will be a team to reckon with.  That Sasquatch vs Empire first round matchup should be interesting as well.  Hopefully the Squatch are practicing in FLA.

THLH CUP FINALS are next.  Stay tuned.

Regular Season Date #3 began with the introduction of our newest THLH Member and Team.  We welcomed our newest league member David Otto, The Ottoman Empire to the Table Hockey League of Hershey.  Dave is new to the game of table or rod hockey.  He does have a bit of experience with bubble hockey.  Because the THLH cancelled our December session we made up for that by playing a 16 game schedule in January.  The day went well for the East Hanover Inquisition.  The December break must have done the team well because they hit their mid season stride and posted a 15-1-0-0, 30 point day.  This thrusted the Inquisition into 1st place overall.  The absence of the Hummelstown Stingers helped the Inquisition as well.  The New Jersey and Ellicott City teams slugged out the day posting 16 point days.  Finally the Ottoman Empire held their own kept games close and competitive.  They only put up 4 points on the day with a 1-14-1-1 record but they played good defensive tablehockey and made most every game clost.

We will pick up Regular Season play again in February.  Hopefully we will remember to take photographs to post the days action.  Stay tuned.

THLH Season X League News                                                                                                                                   

February Regular Season Date #4 introduces another new member to the THLH.  Charlie Ricard of Lancaster Pa joined our league and did pretty well for his first outing.  Ricard started off his inagural regular season date with a tie against the Sasquatch stunning the league from the start.  Charlie finished the day with a 1-9-2-2 record getting his first league win in overtime and taking quite a few opponents into overtime throughout the day.  Our other rookie the Ottoman Empire continued to improve getting another win and improving his table hockey skills.  The Inquisition, Phoenix Rising, Stingers, and Sasquatch seemed to beat up on each other in February with all posting anywhere from 14 to 18 points.  There was very little movement in the standings from 1 through 4.  The Phoenix Rising and Sasquatch are tied in points with NJ hold an edge with one more victory.  Two more Regular Season dates to go with 24 games and 48 points left in the regular season.  See you in March!

Regular Season Date #5 began with the Inquisition, Sasquatch, Ottoman Empire, and Stingers participating.  The Lancaster Longshots and NJ Phoenix Rising were absent and will suffer for it in the standings.  With the race for the Regular Season Championship almost wrapped up by the Inquisition there is still playoff seeding in the balance.  The Sasquatch and Stingers are in a tight battle for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place with the Phoenix Rising.  Both teams made huge gains in the standings in March.  The Stingers playing well on home ice getting 10 of a possible 12 points and 16 points overall.  The Sasquatch tallying 9 of 12 points on home ice and a total of 14 points overall.  Both teams now have a wide margin over the Phoenix Rising going into the final regular season date in April.  The Ottoman Empire, THLH Rookie, took his lumps again in March but has been competitive by playing solid defense.  The Empire needs to work on their offensive game.  The Inquistion posted a 19 point effort on the solidifying the Scotty Bowman Trophy signifying the THLH Regular Season champion.