January saw the first regular season date of the New Year!  Four league members were in attendance.  The Empire, Sasquatch, Phoenix Rising and the Inquisition were in attendance.  The Ottoman Empire has been improving quite a bit in their second season.  Despite only putting up 3 points in January, of the 12 regular season games played 7 were one goal games.  When the Empire begin improving their offense they will become a force.  The Phoenix Rising spent the first half of the day going 1 and 5 but finished the day strong with a 5 - 1 second half to finish with 13 points.  The Squatch had a strong day going 8-4 and was involved in quite a few of the most exciting games of the day.  The Inquisition edged out the Squatch in the record department going 9-3-0-0 for the day.  February brings an end to the Regular Season and March the THLH CUP Playoffs!

October 2023

THLH Season XI League News                                                                                                                                   

Season XI began with handing out the new 2023-2024 THLH League T-Shirts with the newly issued official Table Hockey League of Hershey logo.  Season XI began after the shortest offseason in THLH History, and it seems as if the momentum from last year has shifted to the new season especially for the Co Rookie of the Year teams the Ottoman Empire and the Lancaster Longshots.  Both teams put up a respectable effort.  The Empire put up 6 points on the day but had 2 shut outs and the majority of their games were the one goal variety.  The Longshots had their best league date ever posting 10 points, 4-8-0-2 record with 2 overtime losses and 2 shut outs.  The Phoenix Rising had a very good day posting 14 points and 4 shut outs.  The Inquisition moved the team back to their old barn, Sun Burn Stadium and posted a 11-1-0-1 record on the day.

Season XI is underway and the THLH looks forward to a full complement of league members participating in October.

November/December 2023.

September 2023

January 2024                                                                                                                                                                          

Regular Season Dates 3 November and 4 December have been completed.  November saw the Phoenix Rising and Sasquatch hammer the Inquisition into dust.  The Inquisition had their worst outing maybe ever posting a 3-7-2-3 record.  The Phoenix Rising and Sasquatch gained quite a bit of on the first place Inquisition.  December saw the Stingers and Ottoman back in action.  The Ottoman had maybe their best day in their history posting 8 points and a 3-8-1-1 record.  The Stingers showing a bit of rust after missing a few months putting up 12 points.  The Phoenix Rising had a dissapointing day posting 10 points after a great day in November.

Regular Season Date #2 saw the Ellicott City Sasquatch and the Hummelstown Stingers make their first appearance in the 2023-2024 THLH Season.  Both teams struggled a bit because this was their first action of the season.  The Stingers posted a 7-5-0-1, 15 point day and the Squatch put up 13 points and a 6-6-0-1 record. New Jersey had a strange day posting a 4-5-2-1.  How do you do that?  The Empire still learning the game had  a rough day but for the season has a respectable GAA at home of 1.58.  Ottoman need to work on the offence.  The Inquisition put together another great day with 22 points, 11-1-0-0 record.  See you next month.