Table Hockey League Of Hershey

THLH Season IX League News                                                                                                                                   

Regular Season Session #3 was a long time in the making.  Bad weather cancelled December and threatened January.  Desperate times call for desperate measures so the league, sticking with the 72 game schedule has decided to make the last three Regular Season Dates 16 games a piece.  The day was a good with but with only 4 teams in attendance.  The Inquisition and Stingers ruled the day with 27 points and a 12-3-1-2 record for East Hanover and a 22 point, 10-5-1-1 record for the boys from Hummelstown.  New Jersey had a 16 point day and West Manchester ended up with 6 points.

We are looking forward to February 16th when we should have a full house.

Finally, the THLH Constitution has been amended for the first time in its history.  Starting on February 16th the THLH will allow STIGA Brand and Yellow Stick play during the Regular Season ONLY!  Season X will allow both throughout the Regular Season and Playoffs!

THLH Season IX, November 2018, Regular Season Session #2                                                                              

THLH Season IX, September 2018, Regular Season Session #1                                                                                

Opening Day Season IX of The Table Hockey League of Hershey!

The THLH opened it ninth regular season early this year.  The league usually starts league play in October but we just couldn't wait to drop the puck.  The THLH would like to welcome two new league members.  StephenH of the Dallastown Farb and TimR of the West Manchester Geodesics.  Both men are new to tablehockey and have been getting in some good pre season practice.  With a 72 game schedule ahead of them their skill levels should improve exponentially.

It was a Great Day for Tablehockey!  The entire day featured spirited and competitive play.  The Ellicott City Sasquatch seemed to be in mid season form filling opponents nets with pucks.  The Squatch lead the day with 20 points on a  10-2-0-0 record, good enough for first place after one regular season session.  There were a few surprises on the day, but for me the biggest surprise was the New Jersey Phoenix Rising.  Over the last few years the Rising have been battling a multitude of injuries and have even missed a season.  If opening day is any indication the Jersey Boys may finally be back into tablehockey shape.  New Jersey quietly put up 19 points and a 9-3-0-1 record.  They currently sit in second place.  Reigning THLH Cup Champion East Hanover is in 3rd place with 18 points.  Lord Stashley put together a 4-8-0-0, 8 point day and sits in 4th place.

The other surprise were the rookies.  The Dallastown Farb struggled but did taste victory on the day posting a 1-11-0-1 record.  The West Manchester Geodesics fared a bit better posting 6 points, posting a 3-9-0-0 record.

Overall AdamZ declared the day the best Opening Day in league history.  We look forward to our next Regular Season outing on October 27th when the Hummelstown Stingers will be in the house!

See you then! 

Regular Season Session #2 began without a full complement of League Members.  The 1st place Ellicott City Sasquatch did not participate, but the Hummelstown Stingers who did not participate on opening day was in attendance.  The Stingers were itching to get their season started as they came out in mid season form.  Much like the Sasquatch in September the Stingers posted a perfect 6-0-0-0 record on home ice and finished the day with a 19 point, 9-2-1-0 record on the day.  Lord Stashley of Mount Joy had an exceptional day rebounding from a poor opening day to post 16 points on a 7-4-1-1 record that included 4 shutouts.  East Hanover put together an exceptional 21 point, 10-2-0-1 record on the day adding 5 shutouts to their league leading total of 10.  The New Jersey Phoenix Rising had a bit of trouble on the day with a 12 point 5-5-2-0 record.  A bit of a disappointment in comparison to their 19 points from Opening Day.  No worries the Rising are still in control of 2nd place in the league standings.  The rookie teams still continue to play like rookie teams with the Geodesics putting together a 7 point day the Farb putting up 4 points.  I believe everyone benefitted from the absence of the Ellicott City Sasquatch taking home a few more points and victories in their absence.

The standings have been shaken up as of the end of November.  Check out the Standings tab to see all the results.

The THLH would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

"Its a Great Day for Tablehockey!"

THLH Season IX, January 2019, Regular Season Session #3