Table Hockey League Of Hershey

THLH Season VIII, March 2018, Final Regular Season Session #6                                                                            

THLH Season VIII Opening Day                                                                                                                


#1 Seed - East Hanover Inquisition

Round #1 Matchups

#5 Seed - Glen Rock Mad Gophers vs #4 Seed - New Jersey Phoenix Rising

               Winner of the #5 vs #4 Best of 7 Series will meet the #1 Seed East Hanover Inquisition

#6 Seed - Mount Joy Kraken vs # 3 Seed - Baltimore Sasquatch

               Winner of the #6 vs # 3 Best of 7 Series will meet the winner of the #7 vs #2 Series

#7 Seed - Lord Stashley of Mount Joy vs #2 Seed - Hummelstown Stingers

               Winner of the #7 vs #2 Best of 7 Series will meet the winner of the #6 vs #3 Series

February turned into the Fantastic Four when at the last minute the THLH had some cancellations.  No worries the show must go on and it certainly did.  The day started out with the Stingers determined to make a move on first place.  Currently occupied by the East Hanover Inquisition.  The Stingers by days end had cut into the Inquisition lead buy putting up a 14 point day.  Doesn't seem like much but the Inquisition, continuing their crappy play, posted just 11 points on the day.  Their lead on the 2nd place Stingers is now only 5 points going into March and the final regular season date.  The team of the day was the New Jersey Phoenix Rising putting together a fantastic 9-3-0-1, 19 point effort, that include a record of 6-0-0-0 on the road.  Maybe the Rising are now fully recovered from their various surgeries, operations, gamma ray treatments, etc... and getting back their table hockey form.  The Mad Gophers were in action also and put together a 10 point day moving them out of the league basement and into 6th place.

February turned out to be another Great Day for Tablehockey and we all were the punching bag for the Jersey Boys.

The final regular season session of Season VII of the THLH is set up to be a pressure packed event.  The final standings will be going down to the wire.  The Inquisition and Stingers will be battling for 1st place while the Sasquatch and Phoenix Rising will be battling for 3rd and 4th place.  The Kraken and Gophers will be looking to move up or down in the standings to improve their first round match ups.

Finally the last regular season date will have many of the statistical races are yet to be decided.  The race for Most Goals, Assists, Points, are still to be determined.  Cant wait to play! 

THLH CUP FINALS Playoffs                                                                                                                                       

Its hard to believe that the Table Hockey League of Hershey has been around for eight years.  Season VIII has begun with the addition of a new team and the relocation of another.  The THLH would like to welcome its newest member the Midtown Clown to the league.  The Clown is new to tablehockey but in their first action has shown promise and are competing for the Rookie of the Year Award.

The reigning THLH CUP Champion Baltimore Sasquatch coming off their first title have taken that tile and left town.  The team has turned their back on the City of Baltimore leaving their loyal fans behind and relocating the team to the posh suburbs of Ellicott City.   

Opening Day saw a full house with all 8 members in action.  The layoff between seasons didn't seem to affect the teams.  From the initial drop of the puck all teams seem to be on their game.  This was especially true for last years runner up to the Champion Sasquatch, the East Hanover Inquisition.  The Inquisition broke in their new arena last year and so far this year seem to be getting more comfortable posting a 18 point, 9-3-0-0 record.  Good for first place after one regular season session.  The Sasquatch posted a spotless home record on the day 6-0-0-0, but struggled on the road, finishing with 17 points on a 8-4-0-1 record.  The Hummelstown Stingers coming off of a good season last year began the new season with 15 points,  and a 7-5-0-1 record.  Lord Stashley of Mount Joy fresh off an off season retirement from his real job in order to focus completely on tablehockey held a summer long training camp and posts a 14 point, 7-5-0-0 day.  Glen Rock and New Jersey struggled throughout the day posting 12 points.  The Mount Joy Kraken should have taken some pointers from the other team from Mount Joy and trained a bit harder over the summer.  The Kraken posted only 9 points, going 3-8-1-2.  Finally the newest THLH Member the Midtown Clown playing tablehockey for the first time represented themselves well posting a 1-10-1-2, 5 point record.  The Clown scored a few goals but more importantly prevented goals from being scored.  The offense will come, play defense first.

Looking back at the day a good time was had by all.  The standings are tight with only a 13 points separating 1st place from 8th place, and only 6 point separating 1st from 6th.  The regular season statistical races are tight also with some new faces competing for goals, assists, and netminder awards.

See you in November! 

THLH Season VIII, February 2018, Regular Season Session #5                                                                                   

THLH Season VIII, January 2018, Regular Season Session #4                                                                                 

The Final Day of Season VIII begins with five members in attendance.  The final regular season standings were still not decided and there was a lot to be decided on this the last day of Season VIII.  The biggest question to be decided on this day was who would be Regular Season Champion and get home ice advantage throughout the THLH CUP Playoffs and a first round bye.  The Inquisition and Sasquatch begin the day tied in points with 87, but the Inquisition held 1st Place by virtue of have 42 victories to 41 victories for the Sasquatch.  This is the tightest race in THLH history and wasn't completely decided until the very last game of the day and the season.  The Ellicott City Sasquatch battle the New Jersey Phoenix Rising in the last game of the day and of the season needing a victory to take the 2017-2018 Regular Season Championship.  It was a hard fought battle with the boys from Jersey holding a 1-0 lead late into the game but the Squatch rarely lose on home ice and put together a comeback winning 2-1 and taking first place with a 107 point Regular Season, beating out The Inquisition by 1 point.  Ellicott City puts together a 20 point, 10-2-0-0 day, The Inquisition amassed 19 points, on a 9-3-0-1 record.  Lord Stashley had a good day with 14 points, on a 6-6-0-2 record moving into 5th place in the standings overtaking New Jersey who has struggled again with injuries and had 10 points on the day.  The Midtown Clown had another rough day posting only 1 point on the day.

The Table Hockey League of Hershey congratulates the;

Ellicott City Sasquatch, 2017-2018 THLH Regular Season Champions!

The THLH CUP FINAL Playoff Matchups are Set!

#7 Midtown Clown vs #2 East Hanover Inquisition

#6 New Jersey Phoenix Rising vs #3 Glen Rock Mad Gophers

#5 Lord Stashley of Mount Joy vs. #4 Hummelstown Stingers

#1 Ellicott City Sasquatch will have a first round bye and will play the winner the Mount Joy/Hummelstown matchup.

THLH CUP Finals News will continue on the so designated page on this website

January brought another great day of tablehockey.  The THLH Members had a few extra weeks of practice because of the delays in playing our January regular season date and the Baltimore Sasquatch took advantage of the extra time ripping off a perfect 6-0-0-0 Home Record scoring 38 goals.  That perfect record was the basis for the Squatch winning this regular season session with 17 points and a 8-4-0-1 record.  The Inquisition came in second with 15 points, the Stingers and Phoenix Rising chalked up 14 points, The Kraken and Gophers came up with 12 points and the Stash, well we won't talk about Lord Stashley's point total.

The Standings are still very tight and the last two regular season sessions will be very competitive as always in the THLH.  It looks to me that Season VII is the year of Home Ice advantage.  Most every team in the league is very good on their home ice and not so good when they go on the road.  All you need do is look at the standings.  I see our members working on their road games these last two regular season sessions because that's how you win in the playoffs by playing well and winning on the road.

See you in February!  It'll be another Great Day for Tablehockey? 

The December Session opened with the spirit of Christmas in the air, holiday lights, a chill in the air, and  Tablehockey Season is in full swing!  The Ellicott City Sasquatch are in full swing as well posting an 11-1-0-1, 23 point day and giving himself a 7 point lead over the 2nd place Inquisition.  The Sasquatch have yet to lose at home.  The THLH has not seen this type of dominance since Season III.  The other story of the day was the Hummelstown Stingers coming off the injured reserve list from November and playing hurt posted maybe his best regular season showing of his career.  The Stingers were in the spirit of giving losses out to anyone and everyone posting 20 points on a 9-3-0-2 record.  The second place Inquisition, still bitching and moaning about the ice conditions at their brand new home the multi-million dollar Sun Burn Stadium built at tax payers expense of course, put up a 16 point 7-4-1-1 effort.  Falling further behind in the standings to the Sasquatch the East Hanover team is threatening the league to move back to the old Sun Burn Stadium.  The Glen Rock Mad Gophers had another fine effort in December posting 14 points on a 6-4-2-0 record, jumping to 3rd place in the standings.  The boys from Mount Joy, 8 points, New Jersey, 6 points, and Midtown, 2 points had rather ugly days.  Lord Stashley and Phoenix Rising are still within striking distance of th3 3rd place Gophers but cannot afford another month like December.

The Members of the THLH would like to thank AdamZ for treating the league to pizza for lunch during December play!  Thanks AZ  your the best!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The THLH is now half way through Season VIII!

"Its a Great Day for Tablehockey!"

THLH Season VII League News                                                                                                                         

Season VII of the Table Hockey League of Hershey came to a close with quite a bit at stake.  First and foremost seeding in the THLH CUP Playoffs were up for grabs.  First place was not yet determined.  The Hummelstown Stingers came into the day just 5 points out of first.  The Stingers have been reeling in the Inquisition for the last few months and were now within striking distance.  The Stingers have been a defensive juggernaut all season long leading the league in shutouts and GAA.  The Inquisition have been doing well but have yet to gain any consistency in their new arena.  The final regular season meeting saw a few things the Stingers have their worst outing of the year posting a 6 point 2-10-0-2 record on the day.  Even with the bad day the Stingers maintain second place in the THLH Final Standings.  The Inquisition on the other hand finish the regular season with their best day of the season posting 18 points with a 9-3-0-0 record that included a 6-0-0-0 record at the new Sunburn Stadium, the Benej.  The Sasquatch continue on their good year posting a 17 point, 8-3-1-0 record and have to be considered one of the favorites to raise the THLH CUP.  The Sasquatch participated in the minimum 4 regular season dates but if you look at their record and project it over a full season, the boys from Baltimore would be the number one seed.  Another excellent record was posted by the Glen Rock Mad Gophers.  The Gophers roll into the playoffs by posting a 17 point, 7-3-2-0 record and hope to maintain that momentum in the THLH CUP Playoffs.  Lord Stashley left for home that day feeling good about his game.  The Stash put up 12 points with a 5-5-2-0 record and are playing their best tablehockey of the year.  Maybe the Stash has gotten back into the grove after being away from the game for two years.  The New Jersey Phoenix Rising did not fair well.  After devastating the competition in February the Rising came out flat on the day posting only 11 points on a 4-6-2-1 record.  The Kraken of Mount Joy also limp into the playoffs have a bad day putting together a 2-7-3-2, 9 point effort.

Thank you to everyone for another great year of tablehockey in the THLH!  We have had a very enjoyable Regular Season, a lot of fun and good times were had, and we look forward to many more Seasons in the Table Hockey League of Hershey.  But before Season VIII can begin the THLH CUP Finals must occur.  Who will be the next to drink from the

"Holy Grail of Table Hockey"  The THLH CUP!!!

It will be a "Great Day for Tablehockey"!

THLH Regular Season Session #3 saw more of the same from the Staten Island Sudz.  The Sudz brought their A game again as the continue to March up the Regular Season Standings.  The Sudz posted a 21 point, 10-2-0-1 record bringing them into second place in the December Standings halfway through Season VII.  The Inquisition posted a 16 point day which was respectable but disappointing.  EHI went a dismal 3-3 on their brand new state of the art home ice and the crowd was not happy.  The Squatch posted a 16 point effort as well and they continue to climb the standings sitting in 4th place half way through the season.  The Hummelstown Stingers posted a 13 point day and have slipped a bit in the standings.  Wavy Dave needs a good showing in January.  The Mount Joy teams, Lord Stashley and Kraken had tough outings posting 4 points and 7 points respectively.  They have been off the ice for two years now and are struggling with the grueling 72 game THLH Schedule.

​The THLH has entered the dog days of the tablehockey season.  January starts with an opportunity for almost every team to make a move in the standings and when the day was done not one team gained any significant ground on the next.  The Stingers continued their strong play from last month posting the most points on the day with 17.  The Sasquatch, Phoenix Rising, Mad Gophers, and Inquisition all ended the day with 16 points.  Lord Stashley had an 8 point day and the Clown came up with 0.  It was a fun day all around.  The boys from Jersey finally settling on a new home ice arena and they seemed very comfortable.  Their 16 points was their best showing in some time.  It seemed that offense saw an uptick in January with quite a few high scoring games.

​Well not much more to say other than see you in February!

THLH Season VIII League News                                                                                                                                 

A new Champion is crowned!!!!



News, Statistics, and Photos to come shortly!

Session 2 of Season VII of the THLH saw a full complement of teams.  The Sudz, Sasquatch and Mad Gophers made their first appearances this year and the extra off season time has made a difference.  The Sudz posted 22 points, the Squatch 16 points and the Gophers putting up 15 points in November.  Their are also mumblings of yet more teams seeking membership in the THLH.  We look forward to adding more teams to our growing league.

After two months of play only 15 points separates 1st from 8th place.  That may seem a bit much but consider 24 points are in play each and every month that difference can be made up quickly.

Also all of the statistical battles are very competitive.  Goals, Assists, Shutouts and Point leaders will be battling it out all year long to win the THLH Statistical Leader trophies.  Everyone is very competitive and these races should go down to the last regular season date in March.

Finally check out the newly added THLH Photo Gallery for pictures of the November Session.  Thanks to Dean for taking and sharing photos of the day.

See you in December!

December 2016                                                                                                                                                               

THLH Season VIII, Regular Season Session #2                                                                                                

The November Session began with six points separating 1st place from 6th place guaranteeing that the days action would be intense.  The Inquisition and the Sasquatch, 1st and 2nd place respectively, were separated by one point.  These two jugernauts would face off three times on the day.  The Phoenix Rising attempted to open their newly constructed arena but as most construction projects in New Jersey go the arena construction was not completed on time.  Delays and poor craftmenship created problems and the Jersey Boys spent most of the day trying to find a rink to play on.  Obvious union problems.

Again the competition was intense as teams are jockeying for position in the early standings attempting to get some breathing room.  The top two teams battled it out with the Sasquatch taking the number one spot for the day with 18 points and a 9-3-0-0 record.  The Sasquatch took two of three from the Inquisition on the day.  The Inquisition had a good day also posting 17 points on a 8-4-0-1 record.  At days end the Sasquatch have a 17-7-0-1 record, good for 35 points.  The Inquisition have a 17-7-0-1 record good for 35 points.  No I didn't stutter!  Based on head to head play between the Inquisition and the Sasquatch the team from Ellicott City are in sole possession of first place.  Looks like play in December will be quite intense as well.

The rest of the day saw the nomads from New Jersey struggle with their new arena playing anywhere they could get some ice time.  Phoenix Rising put together a 13 point, 6-5-1-0 record and have moved up from 6th place into 3rd.  The Mad Gophers posted 12 points on a 5-5-2-0 record and moved from 5th place into 4th place.  Lord Stashley coming off of a strong Opening Day struggled mightily with only 7 points on the day.  The Stash had a bad day but only fell in the standings from 4th to 5th.  The Mount Joy Kraken continue to struggle putting together only 7 points but managed to move up in the standings because a few teams were absent.

At the end of November it looks like some separation has begun to take place in the standings.  The top two teams have pulled away a bit with 10 points separating them from the 3rd place team.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place teams are log jammed with 4 points separating them.  The 6th and 7th place teams are separated by one point and 8th place is 10 point back of them.  But as we all know things can change drastically over the course of a season and with 48 game left a lot can happen.  Stay tuned!

November 2016                                                                                                                                    

Session #4 January 2017                                                                                                                                             

Session #6 March 2017                                                                                                                                            

Session #5 February 2017                                                                                                                                            

Regular Season Session #5 began with a less than full compliment of members in attendance.  That did not make the competition any less intense because there are quite a few positional battles in the standings yet to be decided.  The boys from Ellicott City have been riding rough shot through the league all year.  On this day though an old cagy veteran rekindled some past glory.  The Inquisition pulled off a 20 point, 10-2-0-0 record taking over first place by the slightest of margins.  The Inquisition and Sasquatch are 1, 2 in the standings, tied in points, but the Inquisition are in first because they have one more victory than the Squatch.  On the day the Sasquatch put up 13 points, Stingers 11 points, Glen Rock 11 points, and Lord Stashley 9 points.  Next month, the end of the Regular Season there will be battles between first and second, third and fourth and fifth and sixth.  Nothing is decided yet!

See you next month!

Its a great day for Tablehockey!

THLH Season VIII, December 2017, Regular Season Session #3