Session #4 January 2017

The Gophers and Inquisition on the Benej!

THLH Season VIII, Opening Day-October 2017                                                                                  

Opening Day September 2018

Season IX of The Table Hockey League of Hershey

THLH  Photo Gallery                                                                                                             

The Mad Gopher!

THLH Season VIII, Regular Season Date #2-November 2017                                                          

Session #2 November 2016

Stinger intensity!

January was rife with intense game action!

THLH Final Regular Season Date, March 2017

The Sasquatch were on the loose!!!!

Intense Game Day Play!

Session #3 December 2016

Dean!  Why didn't you tell us you played King Théoden in the Lord of the Rings!  WOW!

Opening Day Competition!

The NEW Sunburn Stadium, Home of the Inquisition!

The Geodesics and Inquisition game action at Sunburn Stadium

Another New THLH Member, the West Manchester Geodesics enjoying play on the Benej!

The Man! The Legend! AdamZ!

THLH Founding Father AZ!

Fun Times with good friends and Tablehockey!

One of the THLH New Members, the Dallastown Farb during some intense game action.

Season VIII, Christmas 2017

The Gang and the Holy Grail of Tablehockey!

THLH Season VIII January 2018 Action!                                                                                                   

The Beautiful Game!  The Benej!

Feeding Frenzy!

The Midtown Clown readies for the faceoff!

Seasoned THLH Veterans, AdamZ, JoeG, JeffY enjoying Opening Day!

The Midtown Clown getting busy with the rods!

THLH Season VIII December 2017                                                                                                    

The THLH would like to Thank Dean Mahlstedt

"Ellicott City Sasquatch"

the official  photographer of the

Table Hockey League of Hershey!

This is a real save!  Not a posed picture.  Oh and there were two of these on the day!!!!

AZ dropping the puck from the stratosphere!!!


Table Hockey League Of Hershey

Happy Thanksgiving from The Table Hockey League of Hershey!

Merry Christimas


Happy New Year

from the

Table Hockey League of Hershey!

Lord Stashley and Stingers Game action!